Saturday, April 4, 2009

Adjust and Accept?

    It’s one phrase that I remember from Mr Sadass’ class. Adjust and accept. How to prevent conflicts? Understand, adjust and accept. Sounds easy? Kill me. It’s hard. It’s frustrating. It tears your heart out. But when it comes to a boy-girl relationship, can patience and tolerance be stretched beyond the breaking point?

    It’s a bad idea that I’m someone who ppl perceive as not having any planning, doing things at the last minute and basically doesn’t care at all. I know it, and I’m trying hard to overcome it. There should be some changes that you can see in me right. Well, some ppl don’t. I’m unchangeable. I make ppl worry all the time. Am I?

    How far would u go with a person until u feel tat you’re really incompatible and it’s time to let go? How far would u go to accept him/her as who he/she is until u decide that he'/she is not the one for you? Or, would u hold on, finding ways to adjust and accept or even give chances for that person to change? Are you very easy to say, ‘time for me to be me and u to be you’?

    For me, a relationship should be for eternity. There’s one percent possibility that you can find someone that’s really compatible to you. For me, being together is to understand each other, accepting each other as who they are, and adjust to how they are. For me, being together is to hold on tight, no matter how bitter you feel, how frustrated you feel at the moment. I had my share of bitterness, disappointment, frustration. I held on. I failed you I know. Let me have another shot will ya?