Monday, December 15, 2008

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Tam

The Anxious Groom

The Delightful Bride

The really-anxious groom

The Enchanting Damsel

Brothers in arms under trials

Finally united

A pose for the media

The 'hua-tong' with the sullen face(wad you lookin' at??!)

The real-excited crowd

Going down the carpet together as husband and wife

You may now kiss the bride

GA611 armies with the newlyweds

Praying before digging in

Drink and...


A toast for the newlyweds 

A celebration of their union

And of course not forgetting...the cell groupers!! (where's peter...?)

And..when's our turn dear?

Anyway, as I told you before, for this few posts more pictures will be coming up instead of words. So, just enjoy the pics. And apologies for the b&w pics coz i prefer them that way...more nostalgic look. Once again, congratulations to the newlyweds after 8 years of dating, quarrelling and anything else you can think of. Hope their marriage lasts for a lifetime, if not forever. =)


  1. your turn?
    hope real so0n hahahhaha
    like o.m.g nice pix

  2. ahahaa.. why of all the pictures that one muz be the one? anyway, it's a pleasure reading updates from ya.. ^^ mizzya!