Monday, January 5, 2009


    Finally finally!! HAHAHAHA!! Well, not that I finally own a DSLR, nor a car, but that the somehow HTML illiterate me found a way to update my blog easily using Windows Live Writer. I don't update my blog that much because I just hate the blog layout of Blogger. The space is so tiny that one pic fills the whole space. But WLW is so convenient as I don't have to open Chrome to blog but just click into WLW and start blogging right away. You might as well try it yourself and see if it clings on to you.

    Well, still no pic for this post. Guess this only happens when I don't have an SLR. I do have pics taken long time ago in my hard drive, and mind you, they are very interesting pics ;). I just aint got no mood to photoshop and post them. It takes too much of my time. Just for the sake of it then..


Guess what bird this is? Heheh..and if it is real.

       Okay some updates here. Tell me, what do you think of an 18 years old Proton Saga Sedan, for 3000 bucks? Well, I feel that I can flatten the price more, for 2500-2200? Plus a few thousand for repairs and maintenance, guess I'll have a decent car on the road. Hopefully it's good enough to go 2 years more before I sell it away again, for 1000 bucks maybe, to anyone that wants it.

     Other than that, the rest are just old timers. Started class since last week, and how dull it must've made me feel. At least I don't have class on Friday, and out of the 4 days, only 2 of them requires me to stay back till 4.30. Nice that it's lighter than last few sems. Compared to previous', this one's a bliss. Not talking bout going back one hour earlier even though we've signed the attendance. Other than groups assigned, I won't complain more than I used to. Just for this one sem, I'll do my best before going to UM.

      Had few serious talks with my girl some time back. This year, everything feels great, for now perhaps. I feel nearer to my goals. I feel closer to my belle, not in a playful way, but in a way that I know we're better prepared for the future. It's weird to know that we're graduating in 3 years time. Beyond that, no one knows what will happen. We plan as we may, but God decides everything.

     I better stop before I become philosophical. Optimism. My word of the day. = )


  1. for car : yup2 its kinda worth~~

    go0d luck for 2o09 k~~~

    *is it juz me or u did lo0k radiant and to0 happy in class diz morning :D?*

  2. ^^ aja aja fighting~! Alleluia!~ Praise God for the possibility of a car coming our way!!

  3. yupp...its worth it!!
    second hand car.. we need maintanance thats mine its was my aunty's..its already ten year..on the road..and its still in good shape....
    my dad always remind always starts the eangine early in the morning"to heat up" b4 i go to class.its kinda ways to care for the car n engine...
    its a lot easier to have a car..:P
    hopefully u'll get one soon..