Friday, January 30, 2009

'Reunion' Dinner at TGIF

    Hmm..What should I say. Today is the 5th day of Chinese New Year. Weirdly, I don't feel the atmosphere of CNY as much here. Even the few days before the CNY, it felt like nothing's going on. The only thing that could explain all that is because very few people is actually KL-ites. Ya know, where their hometown is actually in KL. So, when there are major festivals, everyone would be taking the bus home. Except me la. Except Peter la. All because of the RM1200 tickets. Well nvm. We had CNY Eve dinner at TGIF, and I actually felt grateful coz I tasted almost the best food over my whole 21 years of short life. 


As the pic suggests-Come for the food, stay for the fun. And we certainly did.

    The waitress was nice enough to greet us Gong Xi Fa Cai before giving us the menu, and I gave one mark for that. And we looked at the menu where the cheapest main dishes are more than RM25 and the cheapest desserts would be half that price. Okay. So I told Peter that it is CNY Eve and it would be our right to spend and indulge ourselves. There's Shiraz and Chardonnay, but as I was driving, so no no. And we ordered, and we waited.

               'This is so gonna be my Valentine's Day dinner place'...

The atmosphere was just so the nice, with the right songs playing all the time, plus the decorations on the wall. Behind me is the antique phone and God knows what else, all real ones.


              Peter daddy-daddy-cooooll!!

And there's Peter, with the cool 'smile'. Honestly, Friday's is just like a big, cosy dining room that u often see in the movies and trust me, it feels just so.

    After 5 mins or so, our drinks came. And my dear, here's time to     go 'U-waaaaaa.

             'Slurpee' Slushee??

Mine's called ____ Slushee. It actually tastes like Slurpee, but I was not disappointed though. Quite a big glass, enough to last me more than 2 hours without the ice melting until it's tasteless.       RM9++

And here's Peter's.

             Pineappe Sunshine

Pineapple Sunshine. Sunshine should be the slice of pineapple with the cherry on top. RM8++

Again we waited, for 15 mins or so. And what came next..........

             New York Strip

Peter's- New York Strip. Now I don't remember whether it is beef or chicken, Anyway, I gotta say the layer of fat(notice the red layer near the ice-cream like mashed potato) tastes very very nice. Last time I would cut out the fat and put it aside. But this is just so the different, so tender and so soft..i'm salivating when I'm typing this.....but it's Peter's.      RM45++

                   Jack Daniel's Steak

Muahahaha!! Mine's Steak with Jack Daniel's SAUCE!! Now I gotta emphasize the sauce though, coz it made all the difference. The sauce was just heavenly that you'll 'celup' everything inside before putting it into your mouth. Bon-appetit! So good that Peter asked for the same sauce to put on his steak. Ughhhh!! You won't believeeeeee it! And the mashed potato. You should be able to recall KFC's. Trust me, you can forget that taste completely. This mashed potato is just pure, like it's been squeezed out dry from a real potato. Mama!! It's just..nice. The price?    RM55++  Alcohol-grilled or not, it's your choice.


             Peter Kecewa

One thing though. We were deceived by the size. It looked quite big in the menu so we thought we should be full. Then it came out and Peter was a little disappointed as it was not as big as he thought. So we thought, what the heck. Let's indulge and savor every bite. After two hours cutting and biting, we were so full. We were deceived twice la, all by the size. Considering that it's 90% meat, I had some problem in the toilet the next day, but it's another story la.


             Peter pose.

We're done and enjoying the last sip. It's ten pm and quite empty dy.


             Cosy corner

A cosy cosy corner. All the tables are placed considerably to the next so as to let you have some privacy with your friends while at the same time ensuring that you enjoy the warmth of the place.


                   Non smoking area

The front door at the left. Small tables for four people. Notice that all the lamps are old Victorian era styled and no two is the same. Strange enough I saw a few Chinese families obviously having their Reunion dinner here. Sad. Homecooked dishes are unrivalled.

I didn't get to take pics of the other corners though. The place is big enough to accommodate a smoking and a non smoking corner. Good enough that you won't smell a whiff of smoke scent even though you can clearly see someone puffing a humongous cigar. There's another bar obviously for drinks and to watch football.

That was my second trip to Friday's since the last 2 years and I was more than impressed with the food, customer service, cleanliness and ambience. So, 98 out of 100. Very highly recommended. Just make sure you bring more than 100 bucks per person and it'll be more than enough. And to all my Muslim friends (Erma!!), this restaurant is HALAL. They do serve alcoholic drinks but rest assured, what you order will be clean and untainted. So bring Faizal over would you?

And enough all for the Boikot US issue. It's never gonna work, not efficient and useless. Donate money to Palestinian fund would be much better. Now it's Obama, so let's support a black man to make the world a better place, shall we?

That's all. Last note, go on Fridays as you'll get big discounts. BIG. Trust me. Bye.



  1. hahhahahah
    always heard about it
    tringin nk g p0nt :P
    ok2 later i make people blanja me there hahaha

    g0ng xi fa chai~~~

  2. *salivating* Jogoya couldnt be better I bet! ;P

  3. Hey dude. Nice pics by the way. Didnt know that you were into photography too. Well, when you are free, lets meet up or smth. Oh yea. If you like, you can join my college's photography club in our trip to pulau Ketam next the coming weekend. HAHA.. That is if u r interested.

  4. they are yummy (i mean da food)
    feel like going to 1 day...