Sunday, March 8, 2009

Liveless and Dry

    Honestly, I don’t know what to write here. So, just close this tab if you feel that you’re wasting your time continuing.

    Alright. I personally feel that I have a lot of failures that should be reckoned with, and the weird thing is that all those disappointing stuff comes to me these past few weeks.

    First thing is, I almost destroyed someone’s wedding last week. did it happen? Well, I was tasked with recording the entire process of the groom going to the bride’s house till after the end of the matrimony process. So..get the hint now? All went well till the time when we reached the bride’s house. I kept recording, that’s what I thought. Everyone was playing games, joyfully and I was doing my job pressing the ‘Rec’ button. All went well. Or so I thought. The next day, after the conversion of the tape, I realized I didn’t record some part of the ‘game’ moment, of almost 20 mins wasted. Ouch………I felt so the guilty, and I feel it even now. I drummed up the courage and went to tell the groom who was obviously disappointed but still managed to tell me ‘It’s okay’. Thinking back to the whole process, I almost destroyed someone else’s reputation for recommending me to be the video man. Hmm…anyone still want me to record their wedding? That’s failure No. 1.

    Second thing. Again of the car episode. No I didn’t crashed someone else’s car. I’m talking bout myself buying a car. I know it’s hard without a car, and I’m not even talking bout others who would’ve sat in ‘my’ car. Sigh…till this day I’m still asking ppl if I can borrow their car. Malu la…everyone’s been supporting me, helping me to look out for cars, bringing me to car sales etc. Why is it so hard? Coz…I’m just picky? I don’t want that Proton Saga. I don’t want that Sunny. I just lost a Ford. Man…needless to say, that’s Failure No. 2.

    Third. Camera. How long has it been since I said I’m buying a camera? I can’t remember it myself. All I know is that it feels like a faraway dream, like something that you’ve been wishing for a long long time. Sigh…I just hate it.

    There’s others as well. Talking bout them makes me depressed. Encourage me if you will. Pray for me. Thank God I still have some optimism left.


  1. HAHA... We are hoping for the same things. I want a DSLR! HAHA... Btw, what is ur msn?

  2. uits
    dun b sad
    so0ner or later u will hv it all k~