Friday, March 20, 2009

Optimism COME BACK!!

    Hullo everyone. Now is 8 in the morning and I’ll have class soon. So why am I writing this piece at such an unlikely hour? Well, I had some time thinking bout wad u guys write in your blogs, shout outs and statuses. Everyone has a few common words there: assignments, stress, emotion, God help me etc etc. So here, I wanna give some support, encouragement and exhortations to all of you. Still, there are a few steps that you can follow.

     1. Take a slow, deep breath

    This is very common I know, but it is easier said than done. You might think like ‘yea just take a deep breath and out it goes. No no no! Do it like you really mean it! Even now, just take a deep breath, then let it out in one go. A quick one at that. Of course your assignments will still be staring at you but now you have clearer thoughts. Does some good for the brain too. More oxygen=more blood pumping=more blood to the brain=fresher and uncluttered thoughts!!

     2. Smile. NO i mean…really smile!

    But how to smile with so many problems strangling you at the same time? Well, smile for something. You have survived so long and none of them killed you yet. You’re a survivor man! Be proud of yourself! None of this work is gonna kill you anytime soon! So, smileeeeee…. Hey I got one research done by some guys in white coats that by looking up for a few seconds will make you happier. Not sure bout that but worth a try though. Look up!

3. Count your blessings.

    Everyone is blessed in their own special way so the blessings might be similar, but will never be the same entirely. List them down, or at least think bout them. Mention your new car perhaps, or a good  quiz result, or assignments that you’ve tackled, or even when someone gives you a word of praise. They are valuable so don’t forget them. Everything special that has been done onto you is treasure, and they are just the antidote to skepticism and exhaustion.

  4. Then, thank God for them.

   Yes. Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan. But you should have Kesyukuran kepada Tuhan as well. You were created with a purpose. Everything around you has a purpose, be it problems or blessings. We know that God wants us to grow and the problems in our lives would let us persevere, like a refined gold. Be strong, take courage. Thank God for assignments, for you have assignments to do and not being purposeless or begging on the street. Thank God for tests, for you are one small step closer to getting a degree. Be thankful, for everything. Now, you might wanna take a little moment to say your prayers.

5. Find ways to deal with negativity.

    Some quiet people who always looks calm is not so inside. Vent up anger will one day explode and hurt themselves and also others. Find ways to deal with it! It’s either you punch the wall till you realize it hurts or just finding somebody who can empathize with you without judging. Do not keep it inside okay. Speaking of which, I wanna open a stress relief shop where for some money, I will give you some plates, cups or breakable things to throw at a wall. That should do you, and me especially some good. =)


    So guys, that are some ways to release some stress. Remind me too, to do things above. Today I might be okay, but I’m not sure bout tomorrow though. See ya..


  1. you can write self-help books dy. HAHA

  2. i'll try to0 smile sincerly more often :P