Sunday, March 29, 2009

A very short moment of peace

     Yeah guys. Just a filler, to fill up the void in my blog. Felt quite free these few days, though in reality storms are coming. Friday I did nothing except for a short break-fast at Nazrin. Saturday all gone, to the not-so-prestigious DCIM at MidValley, then off to KLCC for the Earth Hour thingy. It was not crowded at all. Well, what’s there to see when all they did was just turning off the lights on KLCC? can see every night by 1am wad. Well, just being there for the sake of it. Alright. No purpose for this post. Wait till my life gets more interesting la. And for the pics of Cohort 4, go see at the Fb page. No point posting them up here. See ya guys around.

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