Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year Resolutions

     Bet you guys must be wondering why I'm writing this only now huh. Well, I'm just bored. I don't know what to write yet I feel like blogging. Hm...

       So, let me talk bout the title above then. I for one, do not like to have any new year resolution. I never have that tradition, ritual, habit or anything that you wanna call them with. It only began in my cell group where Wei Ping said it's good to have goals, to have something that can define what you're living for. I had 8 goals last year, and it's quite comforting to know I achieved 5 of them. Nice leh! Some of them are: having a breakthru in giving tithes; overcoming bad habits and sins; getting better result and getting a car. Not gonna elaborate them, and the getting a car part, it's very very near so I just included it to my 'success' list. In terms of spiritual impact, things were not so good. Still, I managed to bring a friend to my church for a coupla times. Did it give me a sense of achievement and success? Yeah. Couldn't believe it. Read an article last few weeks in The Star stating a report that, new year resolutions make ppl feel bad about themselves. Perhaps, especially when you write impossible goals for themselves. So this year, I got cleverer and wrote goals that can actually be achieved.

      One of my goal this year is to have a deeper, more understanding relationship with my belle.

                    Copy of DSC_0310

      Yeah. I wanna have a deeper relationship, means that I'm taking into account the future. I wanna have a strong bond, a connection that is not artificial, but close, whole and defines us as a couple. A connection that links spiritual strength, mental familiarity and true love. Yes. A hope that we will love each other, and the love that we have will never grow stale, but fresh everyday. A love that provides excitement of seeing each other, a stirring in the heart that 'i am yours, you are mine, and we belong to each other'. The last statement may come true if the future is ours, together next time. =)

      Erm..cheesy enough I think. Others, I'll include in time, when I don't feel like a hypocrite talking bout them. Monday blues is descending. Thank God for Friday. Which is mine and is not far away. =P

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